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Born in Reykjavik, Iceland, Garibaldi has published seven volumes of poetry since 1983, and translated poetry, short stories and scholarly material. He holds an MA degree in Comparative Literature from the University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada.


Garibaldi has published poetry and short stories in newspapers and magazines, both in Iceland and abroad, along with articles on literature and translations of scholarly articles on literature.


After 2000, Garibaldi got into the public sphere by sharp spokesmanship for the rights of children and fathers as the chairman of the Icelandic Association of Responsible Fathers, now Foreldrajafnrétti (Equal Parenting).


Garibaldi’s poetry evokes the road-poetry of the fifties showing his mastery of language and imagery. Dealing with nature and technology, the diversity of city life, and the relationship between people, his poetry frequently originates in his own life, invoking memories and scenes ranging from Vancouver BC to Reykjavik and the Westmann Islands in Iceland. Topics include the death of a sailor in the caboose of a fishing boat, childhood reminiscences, a father working in a fish factory, philosophical wonderings on God and faith, art, love and happiness. His short stories demonstrate great insights into relationships between the sexes, erotic as well as in other respects, while the subject matter varies in nature. His manuscript for horizons won a special recognition by the Tomas Gudmundsson Prize in Literature in 2000.



Works by Garibaldi

Titles of original works are translated from Icelandic to English



(holy) gusts of hell 2020

beautiful tiny friends, ornaments of the earth 2019

a boy’s enthusiasm 2007

orange wings (of madness) 2006

Cape Town (2005)

could the city not be a sheet of ruled paper 2003

horizons 2000

retinas 1997

A Journey through Darkness 1983



Fatherhood and Other Stories 2015


Scholarly work

Woodcutter, deities, self. Articles on literature (1987-2013) 2015



Contemplating Divorce? A Manual for Fathers Thinking of Divorce 2006


Translation of fiction

Caged Birds. African–American Poetry (selected and translated by Garibaldi) 2021

A Maze of Gazes. Selected Poems 1997-2007 (auto-translation into English) 2017

Blood on Canvas (poetry from English by British and American authors) 2008

Hikaru Okuizumi The Stones Cry Out 2007

Christopher Nolan Under the Eye of the Clock 1988

Maya Angelou I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings 1987

D.H. Lawrence The Fox and Other Stories 1985

William Golding The Inheritors 1983


Translation of scholarly material

Jacques  Derrida Eperons. Les styles de Nietzsche 2003

Naomi Rosenblum Trends in American photography, 1890-1945 1999


Editorial work

Iceland Song/Image: Canadian-Icelandic Literature from 1870 to the Present (a selection of poetry and prose written in Icelandic and English – translated by Garðar Baldvinsson) 2006

Michel Foucault Le Panopticism, pouvoir et savoir (a selection) 2005

Christian Metz Le Signifiant imaginaire: Psychanalyse et cinéma 2004

Fathers and Children in the New Century 2003

Contemporary Terms of Literary Theory (experimental edition; with others) 1996

Traces in Literay Theory of the 20th Century: From Shklovsky to Foucault (articles – Garðar Baldvinsson translated two; with others) 1991

Isms: Marxism and Realism (with others) 1990


Honours and Awards

A grant from Icelandic Literature Center in spring 2020 to translate and publish Fuglar í búri. Ljóð eftir afrísk-bandarísk skáld, (Caged Birds. African-American Poetry), published in March 2021.
A grant from the Writers’ Fund of the The Writer’s Union of Iceland, in spring 2019, to complete smávinir fagrir foldarskart (beautiful tiny friends, ornaments of the earth), a book of poetry, published in November 2019.

A grant from the Iceland Translation Fund to translate The Stones Cry Out by Hikaru Okuizumi in 2007.

Grants from Hagthenkir – The Association of Non-fiction and Educational Writers,  The Iceland Culture Fund, and the Iceland Translation Fund in 2005 to edit and translate Íslandslag. Íslensk-kanadískar bókmenntir frá 1870 til nútímans (Iceland Song/Image: Canadian-Icelandic Literature from 1870 to the Present), and subsequently to visit Canada and present the book there, in 2006.

Special Recognition of the Tomas Gudmundsson Prize in Literature for horizons (poetry) in 2000.
A grant from Rannis. The Icelandic Centre for Research, for a study of subjectivity in 20th Century Icelandic Literature, in 1999.

UGFs at the University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada, in 1990–1995, to study comparative literature.


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